Cupertino is a flexible, web-based system that manages assessment, progress monitoring, and intervention data for school districts. Use the links below to learn more.

Comprehensive Student View

Cupertino shows all available assessment data for a student on one easy-to-interpret screen, complete with interactive graphs and color-coded tables showing multiple measures per subject area. The student’s picture is also shown to help put a face with the data.

Groups and Cohorts

Using the group pyramid graph, you can see assessment scores for groups of students and follow those groups over time. Choose a classroom, teacher, school, or grade level, and the software displays a pyramid of RTI tiers. You can view average scores in one subject area or select a specific measure.

Flexible Assessment Database

Add and customize an unlimited number of assessments, each with its own scoring criteria. Define new assessments, set cut scores, and the system will update your graphs and reports automatically. There are no limits or per-assessment fees.

Friendly and Intuitive

Cupertino was designed by educators. Navigation is natural, because it matches the way you think. And if you need help, each page includes tips and explanations in the sidebar.

Interventions & Weekly Progress Monitoring

Intervention history is documented for each student. Cupertino tracks and charts student progress towards targets on a weekly basis and retains records so that you can evaluate intervention effectiveness.

Student Learning Plans

Student Learning Plans in Cupertino are built using assessment and intervention information along with personalized focus areas and responsibility commitments. Educators can assemble them quickly and then download printable PDFs in English or Spanish.

Flexible Reports

Reports are available at the district, school, grade level, teacher, and classroom level. Assessments, measures, and other supporting data can be included when you need them — and left off when you don’t. Reports are generated in PDF format and can be optimized for color or black-and-white printers.

Data Integration

Instead of making you re-enter student information, Cupertino imports it from your Student Information System (SIS). You can upload results in several formats and download raw data for archival or offline analysis.

Helpful Support

Everybody needs help from time to time, and we’re here to help. Our phones are answered by real people whenever possible, and we respond to emails promptly.