Groups and Cohorts

“Thanks again for the tutoring session on Cupertino. VERY INFORMATIVE Stuff! Kind of addicting…I think by the end of summer, I will have looked at a lot of data!” — Middle School Assistant Principal

The group pyramid graph shows tiered placement for groups of students and lets you follow them over time.

See Changes Through the Year

The graph shows one pyramid per testing season, letting you view the group’s progress throughout the school year. Each tier is labeled with both the number and percentage of students in the tier. Click on any tier to see the list of students, complete with links to each student’s page.

Group by Classroom, Teacher, School, and Grade

Like most of the graphs and reports in Cupertino, the group pyramid graph is available at the classroom, teacher, school, and grade levels. You can look at scores for all 8th graders in the district, all students of Mr. Smith, or the 3rd graders at one particular school.

Subject and Measure-Specific Placement

The graph is able to show a student’s overall placement in reading by statistically combining all available reading scores from all assessments he or she has taken. If you want to zoom in on a particular measure, or pick a different subject area, use the drop-down menus in the page sidebar.

Follow Cohorts Over Time

Once you’ve selected a group of students, you can choose a year to view, either forward or backward in time. You can look at this year’s results for a prior year classroom group, or see how the current cohort was doing a few years ago.

View or Export Specific Score Details

If you want to see the specific scores for the students as a group, use the PDF score report. All of the scores that are used in placement are shown in a color-coded table. Or export the data to a spreadsheet for analysis in Excel.

Pyramid Graph
Pyramid Graph