About Us

Cupertino is an easy, affordable, online assessment and intervention management software for school districts and schools.

Our Company: World Class Technology, Small Town Friendliness

Miriam Technologies is headquartered in St. John, Washington, a small farming town with about 500 people. When you drive through our town, you’d better have one hand free… because everybody will wave to you, whether they know you or not. We assume you’re friendly and well-intentioned, just like we are. We work together, play together, and when times are tough, we pull together and help each other.

We’ve adopted that same spirit inside our company. We’re a close-knit team of technology experts with years of experience working together to build innovative web applications. We share ideas and responsibilities with one another, just like we share stories and pictures of our kids. It’s not about who gets the credit or who gets ahead. It’s about working together to bring out the best in people.

Washington State


Cupertino began life as a custom software project for Walla Walla Public Schools. The district had been tracking assessment results in a small homegrown database built in Microsoft Access. Realizing the limitations of that system, the Director of Assessment contacted us. He wanted a web-based system that automatically generated the reports that he previously had to build by hand.

The software had to support multiple measures, he told us. It also had to be flexible. He didn’t know what assessments might be used in the future (who would?), so we designed the assessment data management features of the software in a generic way.  And above all, it had to be easy to use.

Following a very successful launch, we enhanced the software to support intervention tracking and progress monitoring and student learning plans, and we updated the reports to include attendance data, progress toward graduation, and bilingual program information.

Cupertino development is ongoing, but with each change we strive to maintain the fundamental simplicity of the software. It’s our belief that complicated software is not only harder to use, it’s less useful. If your district needs some specialized fancy features, Cupertino won’t be the best fit. But if you’re willing to consider a simpler approach, we invite you to take a closer look.