Data Integration

“The ability to store various assessment results in one location is great, but what makes Cupertino so powerful is now we can instantaneously view online the testing results by building, teacher, or at the kid level. Cupertino syncs with DIBELS NEXT, MAP, and AIMSWEB data systems. This allow us to identify trends, and provide timely interventions faster than before. Cupertino has evolved, as our conversations about student data have become richer. We can export data, create customizable reports, and include new assessments.” — Elementary school principal

Cupertino integrates with your Student Information System (SIS) and makes it easy to export your data for backup or offline analysis.

Stay Up To Date, Without Double Entry

Instead of making you re-enter student information, Cupertino fetches it from your Student Information System (SIS) on a regular basis. Class rosters, special program participation, and graduation requirement credits are all updated based on the most current information available.

Tax-Free Imports

Cupertino lets you upload assessment results in several formats, including the tab- and comma-separated files provided by many test vendors and state agencies. Once you’ve uploaded the file, you just need to tell the software which columns contain the student ID and the data for each measure. If only certain rows contain relevant information, or some cells are interrelated, you can set up rules for each column to further hone the import process. There are no additional fees for import of various data formats.

Export Everywhere

When you want access to the raw assessment data, you can export it in comma-separated format. Once you download the data, you can analyze it in Excel™ or load it into another system. Data export links are available at the district, school, grade level, teacher, and classroom level.

Avoid Lock-In

We hope you love Cupertino and will use it for years to come. But we’ll never hold your data hostage. It’s your data, so you should be able to download it whenever you want. Feel free to keep your own backups, crunch it in your favorite spreadsheet, or load it into another system entirely.

Teacher Export
Teacher Export