Flexible Reports

“I’m loving this more and more every minute. I can really imagine this having a SIGNIFICANT impact on conversations regarding student needs.” — Director of Assessment

In Cupertino, reports are flexible and user-configurable.

Academic History Report

The academic history report is a condensed version of the student page that is designed for use during parent-teacher conferences. When this report is generated, the user specifies which assessments should be shown, which subject graphs to include, and whether attendance and special program details should be included. The elementary version of this report includes a teacher history for the student, and the high school version shows progress toward graduation (by credits).

Classroom Report

The classroom report shows color-coded assessment scores for all students in a particular classroom. The user specifies which years and seasons to include and which assessment measures to show. The report may be sorted either alphabetically by student name or by score on a particular measure.

Group Score Graph Detail

A print-ready PDF report is also available from the group pyramid graph.

CSV Data Export

If you want to explore the data in more detail than these reports allow, you can export assessment data as a comma-delimited spreadsheet. Export links are available at the district, school, grade level, teacher, and classroom level.

Academic History Report
Group Score Report