Friendly and Intuitive

“I really like Cupertino and am using it regularly. I can’t tell you how much easier my life in investigating data has become.” — Secondary Math Coach

Cupertino is simple, intuitive web software that’s easy for everyone in your district to use.

Less is More

There are some features that we’ve deliberately chosen not to include in Cupertino. We’ve intentionally kept the system free of clutter, so the information you need is easily accessible. You can do more, because the software doesn’t get in your way.

No Thinking Caps Required

Cupertino was designed by a small team of educators and software developers. We built it to match the way you think, because we wanted to overcome any natural aversion to data and analysis that users might have. When you feel right at home in the data, you’ll make good use of it.

Learn From Experience

Our small team approach has another benefit, too: everything is consistent from one page to another. All of the pages work in similar ways, since the same core group designed and built them. That makes Cupertino easier to learn. The experience you gain on one page translates directly to all of the others.

You’d Be Home By Now

Because it’s a web application, you can use Cupertino from anywhere. No special software is required; all you need is a web browser with a PDF reader. Cupertino works on a Mac or PC, whether you’re in a classroom, in an office, or at home.

Help is Built In

There’s no software manual for Cupertino, because you won’t need one. But if you need help with any page, you’ll find tips and explanations in the sidebar. The help is there when you need it, but it stays out of your way once you’re familiar with things.

Teacher Page

Hovering over student score to see target scores