Comprehensive Student View

“I appreciate the software because it puts all the data about a student in one easy-to-read form. I used to spend a lot of time finding out information about a student for STAT meetings. That is much easier with Cupertino.” — Elementary Learning Specialist

Cupertino shows a personalized assessment data page for each student in your district.

See What the Numbers Mean

On this page, the student’s entire assessment history is shown. Since the data is presented visually on a line graph, trends are immediately apparent. There is one graph per subject area, and you can hover your mouse over any data point to see the measure and actual score achieved.

If you want to look at the numbers, click the “Show Details” link. A table showing the student’s scores rolls out, right in place below the graph. A consistent color scheme links numbers in the table to the lines and zones on the graph. Hover over a target score, and a balloon pops open showing the cut scores for that particular measure, year, and season.

Go Ahead, Compare Apples to Oranges

The graphs on the student page are divided into 4 zones: At Risk, Below Standard, Meets Standard, and Above Standard. Each of the student’s scores is interpreted according to the scoring criteria you have set up. Then, the scores for each subject are all shown on the same graph.

This means that you can see trends across multiple measures, even if those measures weren’t part of the same test package. Are certain test formats more difficult for this student? How severe is the summer loss in each measure? The graphs help you see what’s really happening by presenting all assessment data in a common way.

Look Beyond the Basics

The student’s ID numbers are shown on the page, along with special state or federal funding program status. Attendance history and progress toward graduation is available in the academic history report linked from the sidebar. You can also export all of this student’s assessment data to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel™.

If the student has participated in any progress monitoring, their individual progress monitoring page is linked from the sidebar.

With Us, It’s Personal

Your relationship with each student is unique. That’s why the student pages in Cupertino include school pictures whenever possible. By putting a face with the data, the software helps you make personalized, data-driven decisions to foster each student’s growth.

Student Page
Student Data Table